CCS Limited specialise in disputes within the Construction Industry. It is all we do and all we will ever do. We are not solicitors - who haven't worked within the industry - but we are all professionals who have grown up within the industry working for Contractors and owning / managing their own successful companies. Our staff have many years in the industry and all professionally qualified. (RICS, MCIOB etc)

Most of the time clients pay us, but on occasion and more often than not, disputes over payment, Final Accounts and contracts occur. Unfortunately, in today’s current economic environment, clients (in particular Main contractors) will use any excuse not to pay their contractors. For smaller contractors only interested (and skilled) in actually doing the works, they can be exploited and end up having huge amounts of money deducted from them.

How many times have we heard stories of Main contractors agreeing to give new works to their subcontractors for a big reduction in a Final Account? And the promised new work never materialises.

How many times do we see main contractors passing down damages to their supply chain, then simply knocking it off subcontractors' invoices - whether the subcontractor was at fault or not? Trying to get this back is almost impossible.

The industry has gone mad with huge main contractors sitting with long term contracts with clients, earning substantial sums of money, frankly for not doing very much. Yet the Main Contractors do not employ any trades and subcontract all works to small contractors.

With incompetent staff, if something then goes wrong with their client rather than accepting responsibility and any financial penalty, it all gets stepped down to the small subcontractors undertaking the works. Bullying tactics and the financial strangle hold on their subcontractors is such that they are forced to accept or often end up with their business becoming bankrupt.

This is where CCS come in. We have been there ourselves and heard all the excuses and reasons first hand. Enough is enough. We typically work for smaller companies who are owed between £5,000 to £250,000 and find themselves in a battle to get their money. They normally face tough decisions on whether to write off this money or commission expensive solicitors, with an uncertain outcome.

At CCS, we will meet and discuss the dispute, review contracts and all communications and quickly advise on how best to resolve the dispute. We will tell you if you have a claim or not - strengths and weaknesses - and then, if agreed, would then work with clients to bring about resolution. This could be to commence court proceedings or to attempt to engage all parties in resolution.

CCS work on a percentage of monies recovered and this percentage is agreed on a job by job basis, having reviewed the strength of a particular dispute. This means that CCS only take on clients and disputes with realistic prospects of success and means that we only get paid, if we are successful.

As such, we are fully committed and focussed from the first meeting and to the very end.

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